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Our Story

"The universe was made, just to be seen by your eyes"

Hi, hello there! 

Skógar was created with a deep passion in nature, wilderness and our little human, who just turned 6 months old. We are constantly mesmerized by his crystal clear eyes that find amusement in everything. Thus, the exciting journey of Skógar started with the intention of inviting wonders into little human's everyday lives. We strongly believe that children's creativity and curiosity can be fostered through their surroundings and the natural environment. 

Here at Skógar, you will find stylish and purposeful children’s lifestyle products that focus on the simplicity of materials and colour. From educational toys, to décor, books and baby essentials, we have taken time to curate gorgeous pieces for you to choose from to create a beautiful gift for yourself or for a soon to be mama in your life. They are played with by our own children, loved and given our quality approval. Our hope is you will find our products fit seamlessly into your home, with no need to hide them away when guests arrive.  

Thank you for choosing us to inspire wonder in the tiny moments of your little muse!


Fun fact: Skógar [ˈ] means forests in Icelandic. It is also a small village in Iceland, best known for its waterfall, Skógafoss, our favourite!